Information Altruism Network was founded by Bryan Ollendyke (btopro) and is named after his 2015 Master's thesis titled Information Altruism (IA). IA found that when you donated information and services surrounding open source technologies that you are able to transform the systems that people operated within. Taking this concept as a lead, this blog seeks authors who feel the that we can most effectively transform society by donating big ideas, specifically as they relate to the interplay of technology and society.

There's not enough conversations about Science, Technology and their interplay with Society. People just "do things", companies just build things, consumers well, consume those things, and no one is stopping to really think of the implications of it all. Where society is heading (other then robots and less people) and looking at where society has been to know where we're going. Build us up that we may all learn to build a better world for our children.

Want to contribute? Send me a tweet @btopro and let's talk.